What Instagram Marketing Tools & Apps to Use for Business Growth

As this business moves away from account management, part of my on-boarding strategy is to empower my clients with the tools to manage their own accounts in a strategic way.

With Instagram Marketing at the forefront of your business growth strategy, you should not just be operating within the Instagram app. Those filters are cringe, btw. Leave Valencia where it belongs - a long scroll to the right when posting.

Mostly - you need a scheduling app to pre-plan your content and form a basis for your strategy. It’s about posting with purpose, not panic-posting because you feel the pressure to always be online and front-and-centre in your customers’ mind - you already will be, if you’re producing the right content that connects.


Best Instagram Scheduling Apps

A room of social media managers could debate the pros and cons of each scheduling app for hours. It’s one of the most frequent questions that pops up in my DMs - but it’s honestly something that doesn’t need as much thought as you think. It is personal preference, above all, and most of the scheduling apps for Instagram are really, really good. You like what you like and that’s that - or so, it should be.

For my client account management, Later is a dream. The desktop version allows you to work from Google Drive pretty seamlessly. As a social media manager, you’re more than likely working from your computer over your phone when creating content, which means Later will be your best friend when it comes to Instagram scheduling.

For my own business and personal accounts - I can’t really live without Plann. Despite not having a bank of images to work from as Later does (I prefer this for myself), you can easily see what your feed will look like and plan out your posts with strategy top of mind.

The reason I don’t use Plann for clients? It doesn’t have that bank of client content that you need to be scheduling weeks or months in advance. In saying that, I haven’t really played around with their desktop version as it is relatively new, but I love that the business is Australian-owned and the team are really passionate about what they do.

Best Design & Editing Apps for Instagram

You don’t need a graphic designer to leverage Instagram for your business. It helps to have a design eye - however, you can get by with apps you can use to create beautifully branded images (and bonus, you don’t need to repost the content of other creatives anymore!).

Over App

Templates made for the Instagram app - need I say more? I’m talking EVERYTHING you could possibly need to design beautiful assets for the Instagram platform.

  • Insert your own videos for Stories & the feed

  • Instagram Story templates for sales, testimonials, storytelling

  • Promotional graphics for products & services

  • Instagram Highlight Covers


Basically, Over app is the bomb and I (seriously, truly) believe it is a necessity for running a business account on Instagram. It CRUSHES Canva. It’s like a pocket graphic designer. You can even add your team to create content, share ideas, organise projects, and build your brand together (those words from them, not me - but I stand by them).

Cost: $14.99 USD / month

Tezza App

If you want a cohesive feed, quit the in-app Instagram filters. And if you’re frustrated by Lightroom’s options, enter Tezza. She’s an Instagram influencer based in NYC with some of the most original content you can find on the app. No wonder her app is such a treat for us non-fashionable folk.

The filters are based on her own Lightroom presets, and oh boy, get prepared for your content to be BEAUTIFUL. The effort that has gone into the app (created by her husband!) is beyond.


Cost: (Seriously cheap - all in USD)

Tezza Monthly $2.99

Tezza Video Monthly $5.99

Tezza Yearly $28.99

Tezza Video Yearly $61.99

Prequel App

This is a video app that transforms your Instagram Stories, and only your Stories, there’s no option to edit videos longer than 15 seconds - which is a damn shame, as the filters and effects are so. COOL.

I use this app mainly on my personal account because the effects give your boring Instagram Stories of landscapes and coffee shops some factor. I pay for this app so that I can get access to filtering my videos with old school cam vibes, VHS effects, cinema / film effects, light leaks, etc. It’s not really necessary, but I love it for the difference it makes to my Stories.

Cost: Starts at $2.99 USD / month

Unfold App

Unfold app is a mix of all the above - minus photo editing - it’s intended for storytelling using Instagram Stories. When using the app, you start with ‘Create Story’ which means that you are creating a ‘set’ to be used as multiple Instagram images. Similar to Over, the templates are made to showcase your content in different ways. I don’t often use it - but I purchased the FF1 templates because I love that polaroid look.

Other notable mentions for Photo & Video Editing:

Best Instagram Analytics Apps

Although Instagram has fairly robust features for Insights within the app - there are other ways you can track your social media performance.

WhenToPost App

If you struggle when the best time to post is - without looking at the regular analytics - and you need a more straight-to-the-point approach, this app is for you. Personally, I find that time of day doesn’t really matter for myself or my clients now that the chronological feed isn’t a thing, however, if you’re posting at 3am when no one in your location is awake (i.e. Australia), you won’t get the same results as when you posted during waking hours. Got it?

Overall, stress less about the perfect time to post and let the WhenToPost App guide you if this is a genuine concern for you and your business.

This app is the brainwork of Tailwind, a Pinterest Scheduling Tool, and has seriously low reviews. I don’t use it often - but I know others find it really helpful to be told exact times and days to post via an external app (even though it’s pretty damn obvious within Instagram itself.)

Google Analytics App

Not necessarily made for Instagram Marketing, however this incredible app will give you the insight into what you need to do to convert your followers into customers or clients from the link in your bio.

You can see Real Time where your website visitors are located and the journey they take on your website, from Instagram, to making that purchase. A no brainer to make this app part of your marketing strategy.

Did you find a few new additional apps to add to your Instagram Marketing collection? Let me know in the comments or drop your favourites.