How to Audit Your Instagram Business Profile for Sales


The purpose of an Instagram for Business account is just that: for business. Anything other than that, is a waste of your time.

Just like any marketing activity, your time and effort on Instagram needs to provide your business with ROI. To suggest otherwise, to be on Instagram just because you feel like you need to, to create brand awareness with no strategy, is just as as good as not having an account at all.

Whether your account is brand new, or you’re not sure how to make a sale or book a client through the platform, we can guide you in the direction of making your Instagram Business Profile more sales-ready than it is today.

Sell through the link in your bio.

If no transaction can be made, no sales can be made. As a product or service-based business, there are endless opportunities to make money simply through the link in your bio.

Instagram is a sales platform, if you put the right processes in place. For Team Harvest, we audit every client account to ensure that no matter what they’re selling, they’re making the sale as easy as possible. This means:

  • Fewer clicks to make a transaction

  • A mobile-responsive website, with pages built specifically for Instagram Sales

  • An air-tight booking system with automated invoicing and contracts

All of this, through the bio. Not all of Instagram Business accounts are blessed with the ‘Swipe Up’ feature (unless you’ve surpassed the 10,000 follower mark), but the one link you can provide has to be damn-good and damn-simple for your buyers.

Write a descriptive, obvious bio.

Tell it like it is. There’s no room for funny business on your Instagram Business bio, that’s what your captions and Stories are for. Make it clear to someone who is browsing your page to know exactly what you do and exactly what you sell from the description.

Many business owners (especially service-based) use this section to list the benefits of working with them, why they’re different, or create beautitful, inspired descriptions about the heart of their biz. Sorry, no.

There’s a three-step system to writing a bio that makes sense (and doesn’t confuse the F out of a potential buyer). Here it goes…

  1. Short, snappy line about the WHO of your business or the WHY.

  2. List your services or products, not the outcomes. For example, if you’re a Social Media Manager, list: Account Management, Paid Advertising, Group Coaching, etc. instead of the: Grow Your Followers, Make Money Online, Work Collaboratively, etc. This is the only place where you can tell, rather than show. And for products, it’s much more effective to have: Handmade Candles, Roller Oil Blends, Self-Care Gift Boxes than a wishy-washy: Create a Life You Love, Practice Self-Care, Increase Your Confidence.

  3. Create the next move, otherwise known as a CTA (Call to Action). You want someone to click on the link in your bio? Tell them why. Again, the bio is all about telling. It isn’t content marketing, it’s the obvious AF, this-is-what-I-do, this-is-how-you-buy section. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some personality, but it creates actions and context for your audience.

Implement Instagram’s Sales Features.

If you’re a business selling and shipping physical products, you need to have Product Tagging on. Why wouldn’t you want your followers to be able to easily shop from Instagram? It’s a no-brainer, really.

A huuuuge 62% of smartphone users are making purchases via their mobile devices, and for products, Instagram allows users to shop via tagged products that lead to the brand’s website. And, you don’t need to be a huge brand like Zara or Adidas to participate. You just need to be approved by Instagram to sell and link it up to your Facebook catalog and you’re golden.

Image via Adweek

Image via Adweek

Share your offers.

Do your followers even know what it is you sell? If your audience doesn’t know it exists, they’re never going to buy from you. For every 9 posts on your feed, be sure that at least one is promoting your bookings/availability or a product launch. Of course, your Instagram page should be geared towards content marketing over sales, but often, small business owners don’t feel comfortable in sharing how a potential customer/client can actually engage your services or buy your product.

At the start of every Custom Instagram Strategy Plan, we list every product/service that a business has for sale, we then match this with the current Instagram content to see if this is at all in the messaging on the feed or Stories. A lot of the time, it’s not obvious at all. There’s no mention of an amazing offer that the content has funnelled into. The free tips keep coming, until… that’s all there is. No prompt. Nothing.

Share your offers with the people that are engaging with your brand… who knows, you may just create extra bookings or sales from a simple feed post or Story.

Tell a consistent story.

The one thing that may be stopping your small business from sales: your lack of consistency. Plan ahead and use Instagram as you would a sales funnel (see above). We recommend that every business on Instagram posts on Stories every day, and at least 4 feed posts per week, to stay relevant. Anything under this, no matter how valuable it is, tends to get lost in the feed. And, as a result, your Insights will suffer: less Profile Visits & Link Clicks, meaning less sales.

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