7 Simple Steps to a Sell-Out Digital Product

Is it possible to sell-out a digital product when it’s, you know, digital?

Yes. 10000% yes.

The more limited your digital product is, with capped numbers and exclusive value, the more likely you are to sell the maximum number of digi-products you’re offering.

Make sense? Or do you need me to clarify…? Let’s do it!


Qualify your idea

So you’ve always wanted to have a sell-out eBook or online workshop, but how do you know, after you put all-the-effort into creating it, that anyone with even buy it?

You ask your audience if they will buy it.

Through your email list or Instagram Stories (whichever audience is more engaged with you and your value), ask the following:

  • What would you rather learn about? X or X (Always give options, even if you have your heart set on the other)

  • Would you be interested in this step-by-step info in a handy eBook? Yes / No

  • Would you pay for this eBook? Or do you not need it?

Something along those lines - essentially qualifying whether or not your people are interested in your product. Before you’ve done ANYTHING, you’ll know if it’s worth offering.

Come up with a catchy name

To sell a digital product, you need to be confident in the name of the product and using the name of the product often. In many contexts and situations. If the name sucks, or embarrasses you, you probably won’t feel confident to speak truth into the product.

Plan out the modules

A successful eBook or video course will have defined sections that take the customer through how they’re going to achieve an end result. You’re selling the end result.

In planning out an eBook, I first decide how many pages it should realistically be so that I can:

  1. Get all the info I need into the eBook, and

  2. Make it accessible and worth the price

Schedule in writing sessions

If you’re writing an eBook or a video script, the work you put in = the output. Spread out the writing of your digital product across multiple days and sessions, so you can go back and scrap what doesn’t work.

Design for readability

For a digital product to be consumed well, it needs to be easy-to-read and digest not just by you, but by your audience. When designing the end product, focus less on over-the-top design and more on how it will look printed or on a mobile device or tablet. Test, test, test.

Focus heavily on your sales page

A digital product isn’t going to sell if you don’t have a sales page that you’ve put a considerable amount of effort into. The copywriting needs to speak directly to your audience and validate the pricing / product value. In the first round of sales, you may not have testimonials - use testimonials from other client work or past corporate work you’ve completed that backs up your skills and experience.

Be ready for the launch period

To sell-out a digital product, there needs to be a sense of urgency. The product shouldn’t be on sale FOREVER - unless it’s a small value product that you want to offer to your larger audience. But an in-depth eBook or training course should feature sold-out elements that encourage your audience to BUY NOW.

If you’re a small business owner ready to launch a digital product to your audience, feel free to send me a direct message on Instagram @harveststudios and I can help you validate your idea.