You're welcoming in the strategic support and business education that others won't.

Because you care. Your business means something to you, but more importantly, to the people you serve.

Harvest Studios is a social media consultancy focused on Instagram for Business sales, content and engagement strategy.

We solely work with small business owners to:

Find clarity
Create processes
Book clients
Make sales
Plan promotions

through data-driven social media support.


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Hey there, it’s about time we got to know each other a little better. How about I kick things off?!

I’m Amie.


I’m a social media consultant, content strategist and sales psychology specialist from Sydney, Australia, living with my Kiwi husband in Wellington, New Zealand, in a converted warehouse. For the past 2.5 years, my freelance journey has had me growing Instagram accounts and making product sales from coffee shops in Nepal, smoothie bars in Thailand, and high-rises in KL, Malaysia.

So, like most, my hard work started at the HSC-level. Damn, I loved to study (…and still do!). My ambitions have always been set on storytelling, and during my BA in Journalism (Media & Comms), I wrote copy and grew engaged communities interning in major Australian charities, GetUp and Amnesty International.

My love of philanthropy and digital marketing didn’t stop there… in fact, after graduating, I was just getting started. I manned all the social media strategy, email marketing, website design, sales copy and digital client interactions for a B2B software company in the not-for-profit space.

After three months of going all-out at freelance copywriting and website design, I went full-time in my online business - and in the process, I’ve learned a tonne of mistakes about growth, authenticity, and making sales online.

Almost three years on, we’re just getting started here at Harvest Studios & Consulting. A period of rapid growth, followed by a (damn-well-obvious, yet-almost-business-ending) decision, we have moved from a full-scale digital marketing agency to focused solely on the Instagram platform and generating sales through social media for modern entrepreneurs. Join us?



This isn’t your ordinary social media advice and strategy…

This is the high-performance content marketing and Instagram growth system you wish you had when you first started. The good news is, it’s here for the taking.

Our approach to social media consulting shouldn’t be unique, but it is: because whilst other marketing agencies and business mentors are focusing on a one-size-fits-all approach to account management, we empower smart business owners with the tools to take their Instagram sales and personal branding into their own hands.

That’s you, you’re the smart business owner - and you deserve the social media strategy that will prove to you that you’re good at this, you’re known and loved for what you do, and your business is wildly successful in your own right.